The TV Show "Lost" -- Starting Over

Kate (Evangeline Lilly) is a fugitive who was on her way to justice when her plane crashes. Kate lives, but her captor dies. She feels remorse for her status as a fugitive, but Jack (Matthew Fox) reminds her that they all have done things they regret; she should take advantage of this rare opportunity to start over. Good advice.

It is appropriate that the person responsible for bringing Kate to justice should die. Nothing short of this would have freed her. Of course this is an incomplete illustration of Christ's death, which makes up for our sins for all eternity, but there's at least a hint of similarity here.

Jack's advise is extremely wise: We should take whatever opportunity we get to leave behind that which weighs down on our conscience. Jesus Christ came to give everyone that chance by taking our sin-burdens upon Himself. We do not have the strength to make up for our shortfalls, but He does.

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BM Bangs said...

man o man.. i was never a fan of Lost but when i saw the tv commercial to tune in on the 31st to see the new season. I was like i have to watch this. And i did, and i can say that i am now a fan. having not watched the previous seasons, i was well brought up to date with the new episode. It really wasn't too late to get Lost