V for Vendetta (starring Natalie Portman)

"V" tells people to look at themselves as the culprits for England's condition. Such is also the case for this American democracy... our delegates' values reflect the our values.

Since American politicians are corrupt, this tells us a few things about ourselves: (1) We are corrupt. Otherwise politicians wouldn't feel so at home compromising their obligations to the people. (2) We are too fearful to resist corruption. (3) We can't imagine how to live apart from corruption, therefore we are helpless to resist it, even if we have misgivings.

The United States as a whole will be as smart, as morally upright and as prosperous as it's general population... this is both a strength and a weakness of democracy.


Kevin said...

Touche sir, sounding like V himself.

Samax said...

if we are not willing to fight for our freedom, we deserve what we get!