Jumper (starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson)

Jumpers are people who can instantly teleport themselves anywhere. One of these Jumpers is Hayden Christensen. Samuel L. Jackson is one of many top-secret government agents who hunt down and kill Jumpers. These agents are either concerned about public safety or they are jealous that they can't have these powers for themselves (that last possiblity is my own idea).

At one point Jackson serminized to Christensen that he can't keep jumping around, robbing banks and living indulgently without any consequences. Christensen eventually triumphes over this beligerant government agent, but the theme of consequences is repeated throughout the movie.

Samuel L. Jackson also preaches about how no one but God should have the power to "be in all places at once." If he stopped to think about this statement for one second, he would realize how silly it is: if God is God, then He has all power. If God is God, then He gives and takes away power as He sees fit. There is no need for such an insecure reaction to one person who has a special ability.

I loved Jumper's innovative cinematography; it made me feel as though i was being teleported too. Jumper is a flashy 1.5 hours of quality entertainment for our modern, short attention spans. The movie appropriately ends as abruptly as it starts, like a commercial that fits as much information/entertainment as possible into its precious 20 second time slot.

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Anonymous said...

My husband saw this movie and said it was awesome and that we will be buying it on Blu-ray and I was stoked (and still pretty am) but when I saw you said "The movie appropriately ends as abruptly as it starts" it made my stomach sink because I HATE movies when they do that... I guess I will have to wait and see.