Equilibrium -- What is Good?

The movie Equilibrium (starring Christian Bale) tries to encapsulate goodness in human creativity. V for Vendetta does a similar thing in order to illustrate the oppressiveness of England's new government.

Art, music and other objects of beauty are good, but they don't encapsulate goodness. Ultimate goodness must exist apart from this decaying world. It must endure despite the world and then go on long after the world has destroyed itself.

Creation is a war with itself. Everything that was once good is now tainted. Everything is wearing out everything else. There is no peace no reconciliation unless God compels us toward these things. Until we surrender to God's Way of reconciliation we might try really hard to be good or create good, but we will only succeed in inventing new evil.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting. Equilibrium was definitely thought provoking. Interesting ideas you put across in your blog. :)

Ian said...

Really very interesting views Patrick, and on a film that’s pretty underrated I think! I’m intrigued to what extent you can actually see an “ultimate goodness” influencing Bale’s character in the text; but your line, “creation is a war with itself”, is a humdinger. Very thought-provoking.