Star Trek 7: Generations

Star Trek Generations is the seventh Star Trek Movie. This episode is particularly unique because it stars both generations of Enterprise captains: James T. Kirk and Jean Luke Picard.

There is a mysterious energy ribbon ripping through space. This seems like a bad thing to onlookers, but is actually a good thing for anyone who happens to get caught inside of it. Whoever stands in the way of this violent anomaly is instantly transported to a world where "all your wishes come true." Captain Picard and Captain Kirk both experience this joy, which is so overwhelming that it is difficult for them to leave. But they have to in order to save hundreds of millions of lives.

The main antagonist, Soran, has experienced this joy before and will do anything to get it back again, even if he must destroy whole solar systems to redirect the ribbon into his path. The joy of knowing Jesus Christ is similarly powerful, though it inspires purity and selflessness rather as opposed to the reckless selfishness of Soran. We were made by God to long after heavenly rest and fullness of joy in His presence.

This ribbon reminds me of Christ's words, "The kingdom of heaven is among you." Unimaginable joy and contentment is available in Christ; God Himself steered His Son, our Joy, into our path.

Christ-followers can taste the untainted quality of life that comes from dwelling in God's presence. It is right that we should cling to the memory of this Life when times get tough for encouragement's sake.

As opposed to Soran in this episode of Star Trek, it is right for us to thirst for this Fullness all the time. The more we follow Christ, the more we learn how to abide in Him all the time, and share in His joy.

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