Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a masterfully woven tale... funny, clever, entertaining and, best of all, it's seasoned with spiritual meaning.

The effect of the cursed treasure resembles the effect of sin in general: Any pirate who takes a single piece from the chest (anyone who sins once) shall be tormented eternally (cast into hell).

Barbosa and his mates have an intimate acquaintance with the consequences of their sin. As he said: "The more we gave them away, the more we came to realize that drink would not satisfy, food turn to ash in our mouths... We are cursed men, compelled by greed we were, but now we are consumed by it." He also said, "We are parched by thirst but forever unable to quench it.. starving to death but never dying." Captain Barbosa's words illustrate the real curse men have brought on themselves, which is sin. We are naturally corrupt... apart from God's transforming grace we eat, drink and in every way live corruption.

(beware: plot spoiler ahead)
Toward the end Barbosa succeeds in restoring his mortality (his ability to feel) only to catch a gunshot to the chest. He feels... cold. Then he dies. This demonstrates the tragic futility of the average person's attempt to live apart from the Life Himself. Trying to live apart from Christ is as futile as Barbosa and his crew's effots to restore their lives.

The pirates fighting aboard the Dauntless realize immediate when their mortality is restored, at which point they throw down their weapons; they're relieved to have finished their long struggle. What now? What will happen to them now that they have accomplished their goal? They will be condemned as criminals and hanged.

Human life is filled with struggle. Those who endure hardship in Christ's name will receive a heavenly reward both in this life and the next. Those who reject Christ struggle through life in vain; their reward is eternal torment.


Unknown said...

Patrick, it's Jesse over at Documenting Failure.

If you have Comcast, Jesse James is available On Demand and I recently saw it at my local Blockbuster. Hope you find it, it's a great film.

Alisa said...

Patrick, it was good to hear from you. Here's my take on the 1st/2nd Pirates:

As to a 4th, I think the writers have backed themselves into a corner and made a 4th one improbable (although Depp has said he loves playing Capt. Jack)

Dearest said...

Hey there~

I think it will get better! :D Their visual effects weren't that good in the second but got better in the third. I guess what's appealing in the first is when human flesh turns to bones under moonlight. Whereas, the sec and third one was compensated with Davy Jones army. Well.. we gotta see the fourth to make any comments about it! :D I can't wait!