Equilibrium -- Are We Americans Safe?

The movie Equilibrium (starring Christian Bale) portrays an entirely docile society called Libria. The people of Libria have no emotions because they are suppressed by a drug called "Prozium".

Much like the people of Libria, we Americans are fixated on feeling safe. We keep to ourselves so zealously that we might live next-door to people for decades without ever having a conversation with them. We vote for the candidates that make us feel safe. We put tons of effort and funding into protecting ourselves financially, relationally and militarily. American parents would rather drug their children than discipline them.

We are inspired by and therefore suppressed by fear.

But we will never achieve total safety. This is a good thing. It means God placed human beings on earth for a higher purpose than just "feeling safe." Life is risky for a purpose.

Do you have the courage to face the risks of daily life? What might inspire you to live courageously? What is your purpose for living and dying? Will you risk standing up for something greater than your own wellbeing?

We will all die eventually. What matters is how we die, or what we die for.

There is already a battle between good and evil; it's raging as we speak whether you want to acknowledge this or not. And everyone has already taken sides on this battle; everyone is making advancements for either evil or good.

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