Blood Diamond (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) -- Battling Injustice

Blood Diamond depicts the bleak life that awaits many African children. This movie demonstrates strategic evil.

African militants, or rebels, kidnap young boys and disciple them into senseless killers. The rebels know that the children will have qualms about shooting people so they set out right away to desensitize the children's consciences. These seasoned killers know from experience that forcing boys to commit horrendous atrocities will callus their minds and therefore make it possible for them to continue committing such atrocities. It is common practice for rebels to put guns in boys' hands and then force them to shoot their fellow villagers. Once the boys' hearts and minds are sufficiently annihilated, they are ready to follow in the footsteps of their captors and become mindless killers themselves.

Most of us can recognize that this is unjust. We recognize that a lot of things are unjust in the world. So what? Why should we care? How can we care?

Going head-on against issues is necessary. We should help every person we can, one at a time.

There is also a need for a general awakening to God's priorities, or God's justice.

If we want to know what is right and wrong, we need only ask God and He will educate us. He will teach us how to care. When we genuinely care about injustice we will listen to God better and He will show us how to do something about it.

The best way to teach the people about justice and injustice is through the gospel.

Jesus' death on the cross is the ultimate lesson in right and wrong. He offset injustice in the world by taking the world's injustice on Himself.

The fact that Jesus conquered sin is the most relevant truth in the world for anyone who wants to change the world. This truth puts power and purpose behind our efforts to help others.

Only after we take care of their business with God will we care about loving our neighbor. Christ Himself will empower, encourage, teach and support us for this purpose.

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