Equilibrium -- The Morality of Kung-Fu

Equilibrium (starring Christian Bale and Taye Diggs) takes place in an ultra-docile society called "Libria." A new breed of super kung-fu pistol ninjas called the "Grammaton Clerics" keep the peace amongst these millions of people who stumble around all day, drugged senseless. Hence, Libria's main innovation in the battle for peace is a more efficient way to kill people if they get out of line. This demonstrates the fact that people do not naturally understand goodness, peace or purity, therefore they cannot create perfect goodness, peacefulness or purity.

The Clerics do their best to suppress those who want to feel emotion, called "The Resistance," but eventually they eventually fail. Alas, there are more powerful forces at play in this world than kung-fu and pistols.

Governing authorities never have been and never will be able to enforce morality. As Equilibrium demonstrates, men in power can't help indulging in the "dizzying highs" that come from wielding power over others. It is the state of a people's hearts and souls that inspires them to do either right or wrong. By nature all people are evil, therefore total transformation is necessary to make anyone even care about what is right.

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