Minority Report -- Perfect Law

The people of this futuristic America would shut down PreCrime if they found a single flaw in it. They hesitate to sacrifice free will unless they are sure the system is perfect. They almost trust the pre-cogs to the point that pre-crime is adopted throughout the country. This kind of trust resembles the kind of faith we should have in God.

God is morally and spiritually flawless, therefore it is fitting that He should decide what is just for us imperfect humans. At the same time, because He can see the future, it is appropriate that he should give and take away free will (free will is our right to mess up). He could potentially condemn us for crimes we never actually committed because He knows unequivocally that we would have committed them.

Even godless people have immense faith in the law. This is fitting. The Bible mentions that God's law is perfect, although its power is severely limited. It is perfect in its ability to condemn us, but it is powerless to save us from our shortcomings.

The law gives us the ability to define wrongdoing. Thanks to the Ten Commandments in particular we can comprehend and measure what is and is not a crime.

The law is powerless to either change or inspire people to do what is right. Therefore God provided us with something more powerful: His grace in Jesus Christ.

Grace offsets our lawlessness by making up for our sinful shortcomings. The law condemns; grace forgives. The law points out moral sickness; grace cures such sickness. Such is the miraculousness of God's grace that, even though we all fall short of His law, yet He sent his Son to endure the punishment we should have received for our shortcoming.

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