The TV Show Lost -- John Locke's Divine Encounter

John Locke is sold out for the island. He knows from experience that the island has special powers (his legs are miraculously healed as soon as the plane crashes on the beach).

Locke demonstrates the fact that experience is the best way to know or believe in Divinity. He has a steady confidence in his purpose on this island because he looks back on his miraculous experience. His faith in the island is solid enough to inspire confidence and hope in everyone else on the island.

For similarly practical reasons God continues to work through miracles. As Jesus said, our neediness is purposeful... God uses our desperate need to demonstrate His sufficiency to meet all our needs. He who is forgiven much, loves much. Those who know God's saving, healing and transforming power most intimately are His most influential servants.

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Hannah B said...

You should review the show now that Locke's faith has taken a darker turn. Lost has always involved thought-provoking themes about faith, doubt, free will, destiny, good, evil, etc ... but what conclusions the show will draw remains to be seen.