Finch -- "Awake"

"Awake" Lyrics:
One devotion, to an empty moment
“Can you stay tonight?”
Silence broken, with words unspoken
Now she’s on her knees

No more feeling so useless
"Can I beg for one more?” she said
Taking with arms wide open
Longing for sleep again

The air is clearing, again we’re breathing
Water turns to wine
The day is tired, the night’s inside her
Now she is alive

No more Feeling so useless,
"Can I beg for one more?” she said
Taking with arms wide open,
longing for sleep again

But now I’m awake!
But now I’m awake!
But now I’m awake!

Keep breathing till you feel something
Take my breath AWAY!


Many people have a defining experience, or a moment of truth, when God meets with them. At such times He plants a new desire in a person's heart and mind to know Him. Anyone thus affected can hardly resist searching Him out, to find out who or what He is.

When we first awaken to Christ, we might miss the spiritual hibernation we just came from... after all this is all we have known up to that point. It's true that being spiritually awake can be more difficult than spiritual sleep, like blood rushing to a limb that had been cut off from the body's circulation.

But despite the pains of being born, including taking our first breath of real air, even amidst all the hardships of growing up in Christ, this is still far better than staying asleep. This is true the way that being alive is better than being dead. Once we're awake to the Truth, it would be unnatural to deny Him. As Finch says, "But now I'm awake!"

"Wake up, O sleeper,
rise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you."
--Ephesians 5:14

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Levi Felton said...

I love it. Good post! I've never thought about it in the terms that you put it in.