Dixie Chicks - "I'll Take Care Of You"

" Nights are long and dreams are cold...
if they're all you wake up to;
but should you rise with crying eyes
then I'll take care of you

Let them talk about us,
let them call us funny things...
people sometimes do;
I don't care so long as you know I love you
and you know I do...

I'll be there, but you might not see me,
it's never easy to get through;
but when the laughter dies away,
then i'll take care of you "


Jesus would say something like this to His people.

The quality of His love for His church is like a husband's love for his wife, as He does everything to provide for and protect her. His actions also resemble those of a father in the way that He supports and bears with us throughout our entire lives.

Christ's love is not presumptive. And His grace is free; He is not loud or imposing. He does not go out of His way to get credit for Himself.

Jesus intercedes for us when we're in need. He doesn't wait for us to get our lives together. He doesn't even wait for us to acknowledge Him.

We could never improve Him or make Him look better and yet He is continually improving us by associating with us. He endured not only unimaginable suffering on our behalf, but also immeasurable shame.

All this to say, Christ's affection for us is the most enduring, flawless love we have ever and will ever hear of.

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