Blink by Ted Dekker -- Seth's Faulty Logic

Seth is the main character of Ted Dekker's book, Blink. He possesses one of the highest IQ's that the world has ever known. His genius crosses over into the ability to see multiple potential futures.

Before Seth comes to faith, he believes that his miraculous ability disproves God. If he can see multiple futures ahead of time and choose whichever options suits him best then God can't be God. According to Set, God cannot be omnicient if Seth keeps changing his own future.

But Seth's ability to change the future is no different from anyone else's ability to change the future. Everyone can change the future. This is the miracle of free will. God is omniscient, but He also knows everything.

Seth's ability to choose one future out of thousands of possibilities doesn't disprove God's omniscience... God would still know which future Seth was going to choose.

As Seth came to realize, there is more to God than high-level mathematics. All the pencil and paper and calculators in the universe cannot calculate Divinity. Said another way, no one can know Him by their own ability to flex their physical muscles (intellectual or otherwise).

God decided that we should know Him by faith in order to remind us of the fact that God is God and we are not. Faith depends on God and is therefore more honoring to God. Science depends on God as well... it just so happens that science gives us more opportunity trust our brains over God.

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