The TV Show "Lost" -- John Locke's Moth Illustration

In the Lost episode titled "The Moth," John Locke shows Charlie a moth cocoon, which is in the process of opening up. The moth, he explains, has to struggle out of its cocoon for it's own sake. The process of fighting out of its cocoon strengthens the moth's wings so it can fly once it finally gets out. If a well-meaning person were to cut the moth out of its cocoon prematurely it will escape much easier, which seems like a good thing... but the ease of the moth's escape will condemn it to death. Locke was trying to bring perspective to the painful detoxification Charlie was going through.

People are naturally stubborn. We don't want to grow because growth is difficult. Therefore God orchestrates just the right amount of hardship in our lives for our own sake, to stretch and strengthen us.

Life is already difficult for all people, godly or godless. The difference is that God uses life's difficulties to build His people up into the eternal pricelessness of His Son.

Life gets increasingly difficult for those who obey God on a regular basis. The more we obey God, the more He grows us up, the more capacity we will have to overcome life's challenges. The more we obey God, the more He uses us.

If we follow Christ, then we are especially blessed by hardship because this draws us into a sacred fellowship with Him and His suffering. We die to ourselves to make room for Him living through us.

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