Equilibrium (starring Christian Bale)

We might try to suppress evil by our own means, but this would only betray our misunderstanding of evil. Humanity is so thoroughly corrupt that even our attempts at correcting ourselves are tainted. The movie Equilibrium demonstrates the fact that humans cannot escape their inherent sin.

Equilibrium portrays a new world, called Libria, where emotion is illegal. Anyone who fails to take their emotion-suppressing drug, Prozium, is deemed a "sense offender," and will be gassed and burned. The theory here is that emotions are the root of all evil, in particular violence. This new and improved form of slavery is inspired by one moral: War is bad.

Notice how similar the name "Prozium" is to the most common anti-depressant around today, Prozac. Prozac "cures" depression by making a person so even-keel that they no longer feel much of anything. This is much the same effect of Prozium, except the goal of Libria's government is to keep the city so sedated that people won't bother questioning anything. The United States is not very different.

We Americans suppose that apathy ("tolerance") will cure our inward conflicts. We would rather suppress all passion for moral uprightness than listen to God's counsel. We as a people lack the courage to listen to what our Creator deems right and wrong, therefore we don't know what is right or wrong, therefore we try to suppress the notion of right or wrong.

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