Forrest Gump's Cure for the "I Hate Work" Syndrome

The movie Forrest Gump (starring Tom Hanks) demonstrated the cure for the "I hate my work" syndrome, which is innocence.

Consider, for example, someone who answers the phones all day while staring at a computer screen. When i was young it seemed adventurous to talk on the phone. And I jumped at every chance to do anything on a computer. I should be glad that i get to do both of these things... all day!

Forrest Gump was too innocent to gripe about his circumstances. Because he didn't waste any time complaining, he did a superlative job at everything he set out to do. He did his very best all the time, whether he was playing ping-pong, going out for a (4 year) jog, looking out for his Jenny, or dragging his friends from the Vietnamese jungle.

We wear ourselves our needlessly by resisting the work we have to do. However, if we surrender our stubborn discontent, we will enjoy our work, no matter how mundane it is. This related to the secret to joy, which is not found in getting our own way. The secret to job is found in trading our shallow sense of entitlement in for a spirit of self-sacrifice, giving with no thought of getting in return.

This is possible for anyone who surrenders to Jesus Christ. Joy is impossible for the average person, but Christ makes it possible.


CoolBeansG said...

Ah, the secret of being contented no matter the situation. I think that is a truth reveled in the writings of Paul the Apostle.
Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

What a great way to look at work! Even the most simple kind of work done by the average employee can be done the best they can with contentment. Every job can be used to glorify God and that in itself should bring us contentment.