P.S. I Love You (starring Hillary Swank)

P.S. I Love You has a couple of redeeming qualities such as impressive scenery and an overall charming plot. The movie follows the main character, Holly (Hillary Swank) through the travels her diseased husband, Gerry (Gerard Butler) planned for her just before he passes on.

Holly is a chronically discontent, lonely, insecure young lady. She has no redeeming qualities I could detect, except her taste in shoes. Gerry is Holly's husband. His name is mentioned about two thousand times throughout the movie. He has no noticeable flaw.

One of the main themes in P.S. I Love You is loneliness. Holly reaches her breaking point when she realizes she cannot escape her loneliness. Her mother affirms that, yes, she is all alone. How extremely discouraging.

How might we cure this curse called "loneliness?" What if we find someone good-looking, who has a good job and who makes us laugh? What if we sleep with somebody who sings and plays the guitar? Nope, nope and nope.

God alone can comfort us in the most basic way we need comfort. He alone can fill our need for contentment, joy and purpose. To whomever asks, He gives a generous portion of these precious gifts.

So, how was the movie overall? you might ask. A good plot, like i said. Harry Connick Jr. did a fantastic job. But the chemistry between Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler resembled the Sahara desert.

The best thing about this movie was Harry Connick Jr. He was honest, funny and charmingly flawed. He exploded out of his usual country twang, pretty boy role.


Caci said...

I agree that Harry Connick, Jr. did a great job....his character kept me laughing.

Shoshana said...

I haven't seen this movie, but I would really like to. I like Gerard Butler because he's cute, but I wouldn't mind seing a movie with good acting too.

I wonder how far the film is from the book.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie. It hit me to the core in ways I didn't expect concerning my personal past. It brought me to tears. Not necessarily a good thing when you're on a date with someone romantically new to your life. I ended up having to go the bathroom to gather myself a little. But 'tis life. Ladies, bring some hankies if you've ever lost someone you loved. The acting is right on and the emotional portrayal of what someone feels through loss is uncanny.

Shoshana said...

I saw this movie now, and I tell you,I am glad I did. They've changed a few things from the book...maybe it was better, but I might like the book version better because the main character's brothers were fun to read.