Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston is the last man on earth. He is the only one inhabiting earth who hasn't been infected by a detestable virus brought on by our own scientific endeavors.

It was difficult for me to see past the cheesiness of this film, especially when I had seen Will Smith's I Am Legend only a couple of weeks prior. I Am Legend is the latest remake of Richard Matheson's book.

Omega Man and I am Legend demonstrate some similar Christ-centered themes: Both portray a man named Robert Neville, whose blood is immune to the disease that has killed the rest of humanity. In both films this man's blood is humanity's only hope for salvation from this enslaving virus.

Omega Man is blatantly suggestive of Christ toward the end, as he is killed by a spear wound to the torso. He stumbles backward and dies in a fountain with his arms spread out, blood running together with water. Other than this last scene, I Am Legend did a far better job communicating spiritual undertones.

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