Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise

Almost all premeditated murder has been eliminated thanks to PreCrime. They only worry about “crimes of passion” because these happen extemporaneously.

Murder is the epitome of crime according to Minority Report. It’s easy to define murder as the Ultimate Wrong because it takes away everything we can imagine, life itself. We don’t want this happening to ourselves.

The pre-cogs can detect murder because it disrupts some kind of metaphysical energy or connection between people. This is why the pre-cogs can sense it before it happens.

The common people of this futuristic American culture seem frail to the point of being emasculated. But the police remained strong. Only those who are hired to be strong are strong.

During a commercial for a national initiative for PreCrime, the announcer urges the people to vote for PreCrime to “keep us free.” This is ironic because such a department epitomizes slavery. True freedom leaves room for mistakes. The justice system of Minority Repot justified the sacrifice of free will because this seemed to protect people’s right to live. But we cannot truly live without free will. Freedom is more than just the preservation of life.

The homeless man is untraceable because he had gauged out his eyes. This brings up the question of whether advancing technology really improves our lives.

Agatha and the twins make people believe in the existence of Divinity. People also deify the pre-cogs because of their abilities.

The pre-cogs are offspring of drug addicts. They were destined to die without some kind of intervention. Science altered them for their survival, they ended up being able to see the future.

Cops agree with the idea that they are more like clergymen than cops because they change people’s fates, the outcome of what might have been. Colin Farrell kisses his rosary habitually, maybe for good luck, maybe because he picked up this habit from his father who literally was a clergyman.

Good quote from Minority Report: “We don’t choose the things we believe in, the things we believe in choose us.”

Colin Farrell wants to find a flaw in the system. Every system based on or invented by humans must be flawed. Indeed, there was a flaw. This flaw was human nature: greed, selfishness and insecurity.

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