Minority Report – Flee from Sin

Tom Cruise didn’t run from sin when he had the chance.

He had the privilege of seeing the future. He knew exactly how he was going to sin. For this reason he ended up committing the very sin he thought he would never commit.

Agatha, the most gifted pre-cog, told him over and over to leave when he had the chance. He did not heed her. In this way he practically chose to commit this murder.

We humans cannot resist sin when we open ourselves up to it.

Tom Cruise cannot resist his desire to take out his anger on the man who he thinks kidnapped his son. He doesn’t use his knowledge of the future to prevent his sin, he uses this knowledge to justify his desire to sin.

He tries to prevent this murder. But he ends up committing the murder anyway. He failed to flee from sin when he had the chance.

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