Amistad -- Blinded by Religion

The movie Amistad is an eloquent demonstration of religious bigotry. For a long time now western Christians have assumed their customs are superior to non-western customs. However, oftentimes, the opposite is true.

Take the slaves that were brought to the U.S. from Africa. They felt no shame in wearing less clothing than their American captors while Americans, most of whom called themselves "Christian," considered the Africans "savages" for not wearing more clothing. This is ironic because, according to the Bible, Adam and Eve weren't ashamed of their nakedness until they sinned. So, apparently, these Africans, who had never heard of Christianity, already had more figured out than their "Christian" captors, at least according to the Bible.

Men who trust in religion are shortsighted, but God is not. He sees through the most meticulously crafted facades. Religion rewards those who go through the motions but God cares about the states of people's minds and hearts.

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