Good Will Hunting (starring Matt Damon)

The professor who takes keenest interest in Will Hunting (Matt Damon) was professor Lambeau (Stellan Starsgard). However Lambeau becomes frustrated with Will because the young man takes his genius for granted. Lambeau would not let such genius go to waste.

Will Hunting believes that he can understand almost anything because he is really intelligent. His brain works good. Will's friend, Sean (Robin Williams) is smart in the literal sense as well, but he is also smart in other, less measurable ways.

Such also are the truths of Christianity: They are simple yet exceedingly powerful for those with a mind to understand. Spiritual truth can be learned only by experience.

Consider these simple truths:

With God anything is possible.

Without love all your good works are useless.

We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.

Would an amazing intellect help us understand such simple statements? No, only God's Spirit can make us understand these things.


Ted Dekker's novel, Blink, got me thinking about this subject. Toward the beginning of this book there is a battle of wits between the main character, Seth, a super genius, and his accomplished quantum physics professor. Seth shows up the professor without hardly trying. Seth thinks a dimension or two beyond his peers, even his teachers.

But even the greatest super-genius in the world cannot understand spiritual truth unless he humbles himself and becomes like a child. In this way, God's Spirit gives an unexpected brand of super-genius. Christ's followers comprehend the simple, eternal truth that worldly minds tend to overlook.

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