The TV Show Heroes -- How to Resist Evil

The characters of Heroes keep us at the edge of our seats with their urgent mission to resist evil: “We’ve got to stop this bomb before it kills all these innocent people!” “We’ve got to get there before the bad guy!” “We’ve got to use our powers for good so we can beat the bad guy, who’s using his powers for evil!” … and on and on.

But all the flying, invisible, nuclear, walking-through-walls and telekinetic powers in the world will never stop evil. The problem is more deeply rooted than any DNA mutation can comprehend.

The good guys in Heroes think, "If we try hard enough, we'll be able to save the world." But no one can straighten out spiritual crookedness by physical or intellectual means. For this reason Jesus Christ came to earth, to be the world's divinely effective salvation.

Sylar, the central bad guy in Heroes, for example, would have lost all motivation to be evil if he had taken care of business with God. Since he didn’t know Christ, he was driven to madness by his insecure desire to feel special. Christ would have instilled true value into his life, thereby saving him and everyone else he saw fit to kill. He would have taught Sylar the right way to feel special, which is not by focusing more on himself but by focusing more on God. Christ frees His people from trying to coerce love with His divine quality of love.

The characters in Heroes wouldn’t have caused so much trouble for themselves if they had asked Christ to redeem their outlooks on life. Nathan (the flying man), for example, would not have tried to take such drastic measures to unite the nation if he had a spiritually sound understanding of how to bring about good.

Christ teaches people to bring about good by doing good. Sin teaches people to bring about good by doing bad.

There are some bad guys in Heroes who don’t see themselves as bad because sin is making their minds malfunction. The evil that resides in them prevents them from realizing that they themselves are evil. This is a realistic demonstration of the stupefying effect of sin. As a general rule, if a person can only think of evil to bring about good, then that person is probably evil.

Characters in Heroes as well as in the real world are convinced that political intrigue, deception and mass killing will improve the world. This goes to show how people, who are naturally evil, cannot understand good until Christ teaches them.

All evil would be eliminated forever if everyone took care of their business with God. The roots of evil in this world would be torn out of the ground and destroyed if everyone cried out to Jesus.

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