Meet the Robinsons -– “Keep Moving Forward”

Disney made an admirable effort to teach valuable truth in this recently released computer-animated flick. The main character, Lewis, is a boy-genius who is plagued with failure and disappointment. From the time his mother left him at the orphanage his very existence has seemed unwelcome in the world. Through some dramatic, time-traveling adventures, however, he learns that failure can actually be a good thing so long as he learns from this failure. His life motto becomes “Keep Moving Forward.”

Lewis tries to teach the sinister Bowler Hat Guy to move on from his bitterness about the past to which Bowler Hat Guy replies, “Hmmm, take responsibility for my own life or blame you… ding! ding! ding! I think I’ll blame you!”

The more the motto, “Keep Moving Forward,” was repeated the more I got the feeling that this is not a sufficient philosophy for dealing with life. I got the feeling that this motto is designed to empower people as much as they can be apart from God.

Otherwise, the movie was pretty good. If I was a kid I would have loved it.

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