Lauryn Hill's Song, "Selah," a Modern Psalm

When David set out to write each song he simply wrote what was on his mind. He happened to be musical as well, so he was able to express himself through poetry and music. In his psalms, David expressed the general wisdom he had gained from living. He expressed his fears, loves and agonies as well... all directed to God, all worshipping God. Lauryn's Hills lyrics in her song "Selah" demonstrate all these things. Here are some lyric snippets:

"Nothing can be done against the truth
No matter how we remain in denial
Wasting time
Replacing time
With each empty excuse
But that'll only work a little while"

"Oh I'm such a mess
I have no choice but to confess
That I've been desperately trying to belong
Lying to myself
And everybody else
Refusing to admit my right was wrong"

Hill's song is structured like a Psalm. It even uses a not-so well-known Jewish word, "Selah," throughout much like in the Psalms.

Here is confession of sin, here is a longing to be reconciled to God. No excuses, just a genuine desire to be reconciled, or "healed."

Here is also a confession of immaturity. Hill went from childish denial to facing the truth about her helplessness in relation to God. She wants grow up in Spirit, to "agree" with God's right with her whole being.

The musicality of this song is also very simple, repetitive, drawing attention to the words. David played the harp, Hill plays the guitar.

There was also a huge audience exposed to this song thanks to Hill's fame as a performer. She used her accomplishments as a musician to spread God-think far and wide. This song was distributed however far the movie "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood" was distributed. (the movie was silly, by the way, though i would recommend buying the soundtrack just because of this song.)

Another interesting fact is that she named her daughter "Selah." This coincides with the Biblical tendency to name children based on current circumstances or promises from God.

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Of course =D , for me lauryn hill is amazing person, i hava all cd's/dvd's of her,! Her lyrics inspire me! And give me strengh to write other poems!
I love her ideology, !
Thank's for you comment, i apreciate =) !