Forrest Gump -– Pure Freedom

Regular people are bogged down by spiritual impurity. Even the smartest or most diligent people in the world can’t avoid the hindering effects of sin. But innocent people, such as Forrest Gump, live freely. The movie Forrest Gump demonstrates the unrestrained quality of life that only a pure-hearted person can live.

Purity recognizes injustice and acts quickly. Forrest Gump, for example, notices a man striking his friend, Jenny. Within seconds Gump was all over that man. Everyone in the room knew he was right, even despite all the racial tensions clogging their minds.

Purity loves others extravagantly. Gump didn’t hesitate to run out to Jenny in front of all those people at the peace rally. His speech went unheard but his actions spoke more powerfully than words. Gump couldn't help loving his fellow soldiers unconditionally, so much so that he ran into a jungle flying with bullets and shrapnel to save a half dozen of them. It was his genuine love for his friend, Bubba, that inspired him to go back in into the jungle.

Purity is also dedicated. Gump didn’t just run; he ran faster than anyone else in college football. He didn’t just play ping pong; he won the world championship of ping pong. He didn’t just take a jog; he ran longer and further than anyone had ever heard of. He didn’t just clean and reassemble his gun faster than his friends; he did so faster than anyone in the company’s history.

Purity is also unselfish. Gump risked his life for his friends. He stood up for Jenny despite a room full of opposition. He watched out for Lieutenant Dan despite even Lieutenant Dan's protests. He gave half the value of his shrimping business Bubba’s family to honor his agreement with Bubba.

Purity is also honest. Gump amazed people with his unassuming honesty. He captivated passersby with his straightforward storytelling. Whenever he spoke, it tended to be purposeful and to the point. He told it like it is so well that he coined one of the most famous two-worded sentences ever, “S--- happens.”

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