The One Good Thing about the Movie Costantine (starring Keanu Reeves)

There was one solid spiritual truth expressed in the movie Constantine, starring Neo and Rachel Weisz. The rest was either religious cliché or just plain silly. Neo (otherwise known as Keanu Reaves) played himself. Gabriel was played by a girl with an English accent. And Satan had a son. How glaringly unoriginal.

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood remains clueless about practical spirituality. The closest thing to spirituality the writers of Constantine could come up with is a lot of recycled, Catholic mysticism.

Constantine illustrates a brief struggle between Neo, Gabriel and Satan's son to obtain the "spear that killed Christ" so they can use God's power without Him knowing about it. Toward the end Constantine almost dies. At this point God shows up as a light coming down from heaven. Everyone, including Neo, Gabriel and Satan's son, were helpless against God's overarching Power. They couldn't avoid that fact that God makes the rules. In this way Warner Brothers accidentally honored God.

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