System of a Down -- "Science"

System of a Down is one of the most musically innovative, all-around talented bands I have ever heard. They recently broke up (went on an indefinite hiatus) after ten years of playing together.

System of a Down has written songs in protest to pretty much every authority, whether governmental, religious or intellectual. Their name implies (correct me if I'm wrong) a general rebelling agains "the system."

I should make it clear that System of a Down is thoroughly antagonist toward everything Jesus Christ represents. Like most people, they would rather worship themselves than God. It just so happens that some of their lyrics hint at something spiritually productive. As a general rule, rebellion against "the system" can lead to the most useful outcome of all, which is a casting-off of this world's priorities in favor of God's priorities.

However System of a Down resembles the majority in that they have never moved past the young-and-rebellious stage. In this way many people want something better than life-as-they-know-it however, they won't surrender to Jesus Christ therefore they will never escape the futility of life apart from God.

That said, here are the lyrics to System of a Down's "Science" :

" Making two possibilities a reality
predicting the future of things we all know

Fighting off the diseased programming
of centuries, centuries, centuries, centuries

Science fails to recognise
the single most
potent element of human existence

Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
is faith, faith, faith, faith

Science has failed our world
Science has failed our mother earth
Spirit moves through all things
Spirit moves through all things
Spirit moves through all things

Right away, by their reference to "mother earth," it's obvious that System of a Down doesn't care to acknowledge God, who "is spirit" according to Jesus (John 4:24).

But their statement, that "science has failed our world," is still valid. The overall message of this song is, "People have a spiritual element that science, by itself, cannot address." Granted, there are many scientists who embrace the fact that "spirit moves through all things," however this song is referring specifically to that breed of science that denies spiritual realities.

"Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence" ... This is a amazing statement! Consider that alongside, "Spirit moves through all things."

I am still amazed by the rudimentary chemistry I learned at Arizona State University. Every atom is a miracle, from the electrons that spin around its nucleus to the unique properties of different molecules, which split apart and re-align depending on the temperature or whatever other molecules they might collide with. Who knows how much more I would have learned about God's miraculous power if I had continued on into second year chemistry (I changed majors halfway through my engineering degree).

All that to say, science should be a stronghold of spirituality. Scientists are blessed with an abundance of opportunities to witness God's amazing creativity. Scientists, especially chemists, have to wonder, what holds everything together? Why are there different elements? Why do some elements attract and other do not? What are atoms made out of?

Few people acknowledge the integral role of faith in our daily lives. We have faith that our cars' wheels will stay attached to our car as we speed down the freeway at 70 mph. We have faith that money is worth something so we keep going to work to accumulate more of it. We have faith that our friends will stay faithful to us even when times get tough. These small steps of faith should lead us toward having faith in God, who created all things, who continues to hold all things together.


Anonymous said...

I will be repeating that last line about the small steps of faith to quite a few folks.
Thanks for stopping in.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that sucks. I really liked them. Had no idea they broke up, but I guess I don't track pop culture news as much now that I'm in Hanoi.

Susannity said...

Hi Patrick,
Bopping in to check out your site. Love movies too. =)

I don't find this song to be against theism, but rather against science. The term "faith" is not usually used within the context of a spirituality tied to "Mother Earth" naturalists, pagans, whatever you prefer. I do believe there are those of a dualistic religion focus that also have love for the planet and the environment as they believe their god created it. It's like having respect for someone's house. Anyway, I think what they're saying is the only constant of man has been faith.