Even Fight Club has rules

Rules are what makes life fun. Games, for example, wouldn't be fun without rules. Competition would be pointless without rules. There would be no point in having goals if there were not parameters to give those goals meaning.

Even Fight Club has rules.

There has to be organization or human interaction becomes pointless. There are social rules. There are moral rules. There are business rules.

Good rules are good.

This is why the Fight Club "no rules" mentality is self-defeating. All Project Mayhem's must eventually implode because mayhem cannot maintain itself. Mayhem needs order to exist like parasites needs a healthy, living creature to exist.

This relates to the fact that rebellion is not an end in itself. Rebellion against what? Rebellion to what end?

We need purpose. If we dare to wander in our minds from one little purpose to the next, like stones jutting out from shallow waters, we will eventually find that we exist for purpose that extends beyond this life into eternity.

Be thoughtful about what you rebel against. Don't trust every Tyler Durden that crosses your path. There's no point in throwing out everything resembling establishment unless we know of something better to take its place.

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