Bad Religion -- "Sorrow" (caused by our own evil)

What if every living soul could be upward and strong?
Well, then, I do imagine

There will be... sorrow
Yeah, there will be... sorrow
There will be... sorrow
No More.


As of now, our evil desires are causing us all kinds of trouble. If the world was totally devoid of spiritual perversity, we could live without sorrow.

We have economic problems, for example, not because money is evil, but because we (all human beings) are greedy. To offset our greed and work toward an economic solution, the government will probably have to impose stricter regulation on real estate and money market transactions.

Apparently, we can't trust ourselves to resist unreasonable avarice. This is all of us, borrowers and lenders alike. Greedy borrowers who lied on their loan applications to get excessively huge loans coupled with greedy lenders who wanted to make a few extra (billion) dollars by approving these applications has caused widespread bankruptcy and an economic chain reaction that is now bringing down the whole world. All this takes root in the fact that we (all human beings in general) are evil.

If we were all morally flawless right now, all sorrow, injustice and oppression would immediately cease. All we have to do to save ourselves from self destruction is be perfect.

"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
--Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:48)


ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! Patrick Robert,
I must admit that I sometimes try to avoid your reviews,but I look again! because I know that the message(s) in your reviews are more important than any and everything that I post on my blog
period!...Patrick said, "We have economic problems, for example, not because money is evil, but because we (all human beings) are greedy." I agree with you 100% because, I believe that "greed" is at the "root" of all (or some) of human being problems in the world today.

Tempy said...

Respectfully I ask- do you think it is possible to be an honest, good and righteous person without believing in your God?

Pat R said...

@tempy, yes it's possible, but what would would be the point? what would be our standard for righteousness apart from One who is perfectly righteous (or One who defined what right and wrong is)? should we vote on it?

my conscience agrees that to do the right thing is good, but my mind sees that moral compromise is more profitable. It seems unavoidable to me that, if we acknowledge our consciences, then we must eventually acknowledge a higher purpose for having a conscience, which will lead us to acknowledge that a higher One gave us consciences.

Then again, how could I (a fickle man) strive toward honesty, goodness or righteousness apart from God's help? I need Him to provide me with motivation, example and support.

Tempy said...

OK I understand your point. I don't agree with you at all, but I understand why you feel the way you do. Just curious as to where you were coming from.

Pat R said...

so what's your take?

Tempy said...

I think you can be a good human being without being a member of an organized religion. I do respect your views though.

Pat R said...

I agree; though organization is not evil in itself (look how well organized the universe is), organization can become bad when we start to love comfort and predictability more than God