The Used -- "The Bird and the Worm"

Lyrics from "The Bird and the Worm:"

He wears his heart
Safety pinned to his backpack

His backpack is all that he knows

Shot down by strangers
Whose glances can cripple

The heart and devour the soul

All alone he turns to stone

While holding his breath half to death

Terrified of what's inside
To save his life

He crawls like a worm from a bird
Crawls like a worm from a bird


inward thinking,
self focus
mind freeze
soul stagnation.

More fear,
the world's against you.

More fear,
backward steps
preserve yourself
you're unsure, retreating
hindered by conscience.

Cling to familiar
protect yourself,
walking now
you'll be crawling soon.

No guarantees
take a chance
move while you can.

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