Accountability in Our Government,
in the Church

CNN has been covering The Great $700 Billion Bailout, hardly ever breaking to cover other subjects. If you want to hear about something besides The Great Bailout, then don't watch the news. All this to say, it's certainly a big deal.

One new concept that The Great Bailout has brought to light is the need for accountability in our government. Accountability isn't supposed to be a new concept, it has just been weened out of our government's inner workings by those who would like to have their own way all time.

It makes sense that government officials who are there for personal gain would resist anything resembling accountability. I suppose there are many who would like free reign to do whatever they want with their legislative power, but that wouldn't be very democratic, would it?

A lack of accountability has gotten our government as out of control as it is today. From hundreds of military bases all over the world, to missile silos in Europe, to wars in the middle east, to rampant spending, to every form of corruption... all of this has resulted from one compromise stacked on another, which was possible because there no one had the moral guts to say "No," "You can't do that" or "STOP."

It benefits many individuals in Washington that there should be our system of accountability should break down... that way every special interest group can have their own way, even if it causes war, suffering and financial disaster for the average American and even the whole world.

"Checks and Balances" is just another way to say "Accountability." Singular men cannot be trusted with power, a fact which inspired our Founding Fathers set up a government with separate branches, where each branch is called to keep the others in check.

Our parents keep us accountable when we are children, but who keeps us adults accountable? Other adults. The government has demonstrated what happens in the absence of legislative accountability: War, debt, lies and thievery, not to mention the death and suffering of entire nations (Iraq).

It points to a general truth, which is that we all need accountability. Most of us know what is the right thing to do, but we will do what we can get away with if given the chance.

Accountability is a practical, built-in feature of God's church. When the church is functioning properly, members work together to preserve one another's moral integrity. Either we represent God by practicing morally pure living or we are not doing our jobs.

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The family that plays together stays together said...

Watching from Japan...and it is terrifying what is happening in the USA...and hey thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown said...

Accountability is the key issue with me & the REGULATORS that are being put in place to monitor the situation.

Dave said...

Oh buddy, you dove into the politicking blog quagmire. Dangerous territory. But certainly politics have NOTHING to do with mass media anyway... right?

Pat R said...

yep, Dave, i dared... i was hoping this isn't too far off the Media topic, but it was on TV, so i figured it's ok

nice blog btw

Joey L. Taylor said...

yo homie, you nailed it! how come you didn't speak a little more about how the church works with and without accountability?


p.s. also, how do you put links on the blog, i wanna put yours on my blog.