Batman is "Incorruptable" says the Joker

The Dark Knight has one rule: "No Killing." He demonstrates his uncompromising adherence to this rule by saving the Joker toward the end of the movie. The Joker, naturally, is entertained by Batman's display of incorruptibility. He can't understand Batman's dedication the same way that Batman can't entirely understand the Joker's zeal for anarchy.

The one thing that separates Gotham's handful of good guys from the swarms of bad guys is their incorruptibility. Commissioner Gordon and Batman join ranks in Batman Begins because, besides Rachel Dawes, they're the only ones with enough cahones to pursue justice for justice's sake. Later on, in the Dark Knight, Harvey Dent demonstrates a similar quality of gutsiness that wins him a place with Batman and Gordon.

At first the Joker wants to kill the Batman. Later on the Joker figures out a better way to beat Batman: Corrupt him. Even better, he sets out to corrupt the centerpiece of Batman's goals to bring justice to Gotham: Harvey Dent. Not only does Harvey mean a lot to Batman, he is the poster boy of Gotham's justice system. The Joker darkens Gotham by snuffing out the city's brightest burning light.

The Dark Knight's message about incorruptibility is also true in real life. A handful of people are like diamonds thrown amidst the sands of humanity, a rare few who are holding the whole world together. To resist evil is to swim against humanity's natural flow, but is at least a remnant that is bold enough to do this.

Throughout history God has reserved a handful of people for Himself. These are the few who who dare to open their minds and hearts up to His purifying influence. These are the people God uses to change the world for good.


Sledge said...

I've linked your site on mine ...

Anonymous said...

I liked the post. However, I think that is what makes us human, imperfection. It is choice that drives us. Choice to turn toward the light or the darkness. Do we take the easy way when it is available to us or the hard way and be better persons for having done so?

Thanks for the post.

Cruiz said...

Hey, interesting read!
I enjoyed it. I like the links you made with TDK to Christianity.

I can really see this angle of the film, or both films being pushed even further with more in depth analysis. :)

qcesarjr said...

Hey, this is an awesome site. I actually found it reading a post you made about chrome. It grabbed my attention because the EXACT same thing happens with me on chrome. Crashes, bad flash, etc.

When I found your blog, I thought it was kind of crazy because I'm Christian too. You don't seem "religious" which is cool. So yeah...

So, about this post: It was really interesting, seeing as Batman is a great inspiration of mine. You seemed to criticize his character in the movie, but its all well deserved. Kind of hard to swallow it, but everything you said IS indeed true.

Well, awesome site. Keep it up.