The Game Plan

Starring Dwayne Johnson as Joe Kingman, Roselyn Sanchez as Monique Vasquez and Madison Pettis as Peyton Kelly.

Joe Kingman is on top of his game. He the quarterback and general inspiration for the Boston Rebels who, thanks largely to Joe, finally have a chance at the illusive national championship. His professional career has led up to this opportunity. Then he finds out that he has an 8-year-old daughter named Peyton.

Life gets a lot more hectic for Joe as he juggles full time football and full time fatherhood. He ends up losing a few toys but he finds out that he has gained immeasurably more by finding his daughter.

(Warning: Plot Spoiler)
The end of The Game Plan exemplifies Joe's life-reprioritization: He leads the Rebels to their big win (in the last 0.3 seconds of course) and everyone is happy... Joe is the hero! Now, to secure a $20mil bonus he just has to smile into the camera and say, "I'm going to [some fast food chain]." He couldn't possibly forget; his agent has been reminding over and over how and when to make this innocent little plug. Therefore there is no doubt that he deliberately does not make the plug; instead he says, "I'm going to hang out with my daughter," (or something like that), and walks past the cameramen. Well done indeed.

The Game Plan is refreshingly lighthearted, an all around solid family flick. Dwayne Johnson did a great job. I laughed out loud a few times (especially when he gets an allergic reaction to the cinnamon his daughter bakes into her special cookies).

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I loved that movie ;P